“DRAKEN” in Edits!!! Coming Soon!

Hello Readers, “DRAKEN”  the first book in “The Draglen Brothers” is in EDITS!! I’m so excited about this NEW HOT SERIES!! I can’t wait to show you all. I have now Fallen in LOVE with Dragons and would like one lol 🙂 I so hope, you are ready for the New Series, as it will be coming lol soon! Make sure to checkout the teasers from earlier posts.


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Teaser Alert “Draken”!

Hello Readers,  I only have ONE more chapter, to do for “Draken”! Whooohooo! I really stepped out my box, and show you another side of my writing skills. I hope you enjoy this teaser and comments and thoughts are welcome I look forward to what you think. I can’t wait to release this book 🙂

“Draken” Book 1 (The Draglen Brothers Series)

All Rights Reserved to Solease M. Barner

Teaser Unedited

Getting out the shower I dry off and head to my bed naked. I can’t study with this feeling. I climb in bed hoping for sleep, when my cell rings. Shit its Suzy.


“Where were you? I’ve been calling your cell phone all night” Suzy says, then continues. “I wanted to tell you that Kelly hooked up with one of your neighbors last weekend at the party, and she says he rocked her world.” I hear what she’s saying, but I can’t believe it. I rise from the bed hoping it’s not Draken.

“Who?” I snap. If Draken has had me, and one of my good friends I’m done.

“I think she said it was the one with blonde hair. All I know is she said it was the best she’s ever had, but now he won’t answer her calls and she is freaking out. Have you seen him with anybody knew?”

“Oh, umm no, I haven’t seen anything.”

“Well, umm D called Kelly last night asking about you. Then I got to thinking that only happens when you’re not at home, so spill. Who were you with last night and why I didn’t know?”

“Umm, D was looking for me? Well, I umm, stayed with Draken” I say, lowering my voice.


“I spent the night with Draken” I repeat.

“AHHH, You and Kelly is getting some from them fine men. Ohh tell me everything don’t leave nothing out”


“Don’t you Suzy me, this was the guy you said walked you off the property now you sleeping is his bed. I thought you said he was a ass?” She says, laughing. “No, Cess I want to know, Kelly seem to can’t remember what all her guy done, but I know you will tell you’re bestie”

“Suzy, I didn’t mean for it to happen. I was invited over for a party and”

“Wait, it was a party and you didn’t call me or anyone else. What kind of party was it?”

“The let’s hook Cess and my Brother up party. I was the only one invited. I know before you say it, I’m a slut. Who sleeps with a man they don’t know? I probably get treated like Kelly too.”

“You will not get treated like Kelly, everyone knows she’s a hoe, the blonde hair one probably is not calling her back because she did some real freaking stuff and he knew what she was, but you, they had a party just for you, get out. How is Draken? I bet he is awesome. Dang you should have called me that’s why you weren’t answering for me you were busy.”

“I swear my phone never rung. Draken is amazing, he is so gentle with me. which I needed sense he is huge, like a anaconda. I mean, it hurt like hell at first, but then he was slow, sweet, and pleased me beyond, what I could imagine” I say.

“Wow, Cess you sound really into this guy and he was that good to make you go back on your promise. You stayed all night too. When did you get home?”

“I just got in not too long ago; oh he ran me a bath and carried me to it. I was that sore, but he put a family tradition remedy or something in the water and took all that away. I have a date with him tonight”

“Ahhh, I’m so happy for you. You are dating again and with a big time CEO of a billion dollar company. Go Cess. So, do you think you will be spending another night?”

“God I hope so”

“Ohh Wow”

“It’s just every sense I came home, I’ve been extremely horny, and it’s odd like I need him or something to fill this need. I can’t explain it, but my body is craving him.” I say, frowning. I’ve never felt this way before. I and Travis had sex plenty and it never felt like this.

“Shit, Cess that sounds so freaking hot, I love having sex with Luke, but never have my body ached or craved for him. Cess what if he is like your soul mate or something. This is great!”

“I’m not sure what it is, I just know that if I’m left alone with him tonight…I just don’t want him to think I’m a slut or easy.”

“Cess I’m sure he knows that, besides the only guy you truly have been with is Travis, Jeremy doesn’t count you were only 15years old and you never did it with him again” Suzy says, laughing.

“That’s because, Jeremy was such a prick. You right Travis is my real sexual experience, but Suzy I felt like a virgin with Draken I mean his hands were everywhere. I couldn’t think at all. He is unreal in bed I mean I don’t have that much experience, but he didn’t want to stop at all. He even was trying this morning. Get this the entire time I was sweating so bad he never broke a sweat at all.”

“I want sex like that”

“Well, I’m going to try and get some studying and school work done before my date tonight”

“Ok, but please tell me what happen when you get home, tonight or tomorrow.” Suzy says, chuckling.

“Haha, goodbye Suzy.” I hang up the phone slipping on a pair shorts and top and went to the desk. I sit at the desk turning on my laptop and going straight to my paper on Juvenile delinquency. I will do work until it’s time to get ready for Draken. I would go crazy if I think about last night. I get in school mood and start typing.

I hope you enjoyed! 🙂


Draken Cover

Teaser Alert!! “Draken” Unedited Preview!

Hello Readers, I want to share with you more of what is happening with “DRAKEN” 🙂 I’m truly enjoying this Series  and l look forward to sharing the complete book with everyone. I have steeped out my box and went to another side lol!  I love to hear your thoughts. Here is another teaser of “Draken”

All Rights Reserved to Solease M Barner.


“I see why my brother wants you, Cess.You are beautiful.” This strange man says. I began walking backwards, going back into Draken room.“You’re Draken brother, I didn’t meet you.” I say, remembering my defense classes. This guy looks really scary , gorgeous, but scary.”Oh, I just came into town. Now, breakfast is waiting for you. Come, let’s go eat, as the others are waiting.” He says turning to leave never giving me his name. What kind of family is this?“What is your name?” I say, looking at him walk away.“Hawken, is my name, but you can call me Hawk” He says, stopping. “Come Cess, we are all hungry and you’re holding the table up from eating.” He snaps. Shit, they can eat without me. Why didn’t Draken come and get me himself. You are not allowed to have sex with me and leave your brother to come fetch me like a pet. I’m leaving. I turn to go back when I feel Hawk pulling me down the hall. “I see, you’re not good at taking orders, if you plan on…dating my brother, orders you will be given and orders you will take.” Hawk says, walking me fast to the white dining room. There is Showken, Gemi, and Layern all sitting waiting, I assume for me. “Yes she is here now, let’s eat.” Gemi says, and began to dig in this very lavish breakfast. It’s just Saturday not a special occasion, yet the food laid out are huge amounts. Why do they eat so much? And where the hell Draken is? Why he’s not at the table? “Draken had to make a run Cess, he will be joining us soon.” Layern says, to my unspoken concern. Layern has such pain behind his eyes. I never notice it before, but he seems sad, lost even. I wonder why? “Why don’t you wait for him? You waited for me.” I say, still standing. I’m not sure about being her with all these, sexy, good looking men. I notice Showken huge smile, and relax instantly. He knows how to make you feel comfortable.“We always wait for the lady in the house Cess, please come sit and eat.” Showken says, waving his hand for me to sit across from him. I go and sit, and he fixes my plate for me. These men take my breath away, with all this attention. I could get use to this.“Thank you, for fixing my plate.” I say, grabbing a spoon and eating on the eggs. They are so good. All this food, if I eat with them I’m going to be huge. We eat in silence a few minutes, before Hawk speaks.“So, Cess I would love to know how you…I mean I would love to know about you.” Hawken says.“Well, umm Hawken. I don’t have much to say about me except, I’m very wealthy, the first daughter and granddaughter to some very powerful men. Perhaps you have heard of my family name, Lamil?” I say, with a glare. I don’t like Hawken and he don’t like him. If using my family name gets him to think twice about upsetting me, then I will.“As a matter of fact, I have heard of Lamil, powerful you say they are?” He smirks. What is it with him?  I put my best smile on and continue to eat; I can’t wait until Draken come back from his run.“Hawken, enough.” Layern says, and I notice them all staring at him. He smiles and yikes he is gorgeous too. This gene pool of brothers is unreal. How many brothers are there, I wonder?“Cess, I apologize for my mouth it gets me into trouble often. I would hate for such a beautiful lady as yourself, to be angry with me. Do you accept?” Hawken asks. “You’re fine Hawken, there is no harm done.” I say, wondering is it my family name that made him squirm or the look of his brothers.We eat in silence the rest of the meal. I can’t eat as I continue to think about my night with Draken. I moan out loud remembering last night “Hmmm” closing my eyes. I open one eye and notice everyone is staring at me. Dame, I didn’t mean to do that out load. Everyone is staring at me with smiles and smirks. “Have a good night Cess?” Showken asks, taking huge spoonful of food. “Umm, yes. I slept well” I say, blushing. “You were in my brother room all night Cess, sleep is not what you got I’m sure” Showken says, laughing stuffing his mouth with more food.


So, are you excited? 🙂


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