Hello, it’s me Nikki again 🙂 I am here to share some news with you the readers, while Solease is working 🙂 Oh, by the way “SHOWKEN” is in edits yaay 🙂  ” DRAKEN” is holding his own in the ranking let’s continue to support “DRAKEN” The New Paranormal Romance 🙂  Readers, if you would like to help “DRAKEN” and Solease out in ranking please encourage friends to purchase, read ,and write a review  on Barnes Noble , Goodreads, Smashwords, and Amazon 🙂  Reviews are very helpful to other readers 🙂 So, please lend a helping hand with a review 🙂 No One Liners 🙂


Solease, would like to do something special for the readers, email me at  if you have purchase “DRAKEN” The New Paranormal Romance and left a review 🙂 Make sure to inform me where you left the review and NO ONE LINERS WILL BE COUNTED 🙂  I will do a random drawing from the name, that I receive in my email only.  The date this Review Giveaway will be over is October 31, 2013 🙂  The prize has not yet been disclose, but you I both know  the prize will be GREAT!

Here is the purchases links for “DRAKEN” The New Paranormal Romance “

Smashword :

Barnes and Noble :

Amazon :

Nikki P.A.




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