Hello it’s me Nikki, coming to you again with some new EXCITING NEWS 🙂  Solease has just joined Libboo, you need to join also it is free. There will be weekly gifts, so the more friends/buzzers you sign up the better your chances are to win 🙂 Here is the link to Libboo 🙂

“SHOWKEN” is in edits be looking for it at the end of October!!!!

REMINDER please sign up for the newsletter because their is some exclusive information that only the newletter subscribers will get 🙂 Here is the link :

IT IS SOLEASE’S BIRTHDAY and SHE IS RUNNING A SPECIAL UNTIL SATURDAY AT MIDNIGHT!!!  What is the special you asked ? I am glad you asked . The special is “DRAKEN” The New Paranormal Romance is .99 cents now until Saturday at Midnight. If you do not have it,  now is the time to get this great romance : ) Here is the purchase link :

Nikki P.A.

Solease 2


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