Platinum Book Reviews -“DRAKEN”
This is the first release by a new author on the scene, Ms. Solease M Barner. It’s a paranormal romance with many mouth-watering erotic elements. The book is a solid first time debut into the world of dragon shifters and the readers who love them.. It’s written in the first person, using both main characters POV’s. (points of view)
The beautiful & headstrong Cess wants nothing more than to get through college but she wants to have a little fun while doing so.. She notices her sexy new neighbors & they notice her right back, introducing themselves as the handsome & enticing Draglen brothers…. However once Cess lays her eyes on the oldest brother, the drop-dead gorgeous Draken, despite his initial rudeness, both of them find themselves strangely drawn to the other… Draken wants to finish his assignment on earth & head home, however each time he sees the lovely Cess, he can’t help but lose his focus.. How on earth do you explain to a human woman that you are a dragon shapeshifter??? Well, for starters, some steamy, hot sex to begin… Followed by a lot more temptation… Are Cess & Draken going to be able to honor their original paths and continue with their careers or is love blooming for this unlikely duo, human & dragon?…. Check this great debut novel out & see what happens!
Solease adds great detailing to each character & their personalities shine through.. You can visualize the Draglen brothers & their fine physiques and you can see what the gorgeous Cess looks like in your mind, as well.. It’s an interesting new world & a wonderful start to what will be an enticing new series… Solease M Barner is one paranormal author to watch! I look forward to the next installments in this series.. For lovers of the paranormal, especially dragons, this novel is a must-read… Sexy, steamy, thrilling, mesmerizing & romantic… You’ll want to check this book out today!

Draken Book I:

This book kept me up. Dragons, Dragons, Dragons…Mmm!!

Invited to her new neighbors for a party, Cess has no idea she’s the chosen “Giver” to Draken, and their one night stand will leave a mark on her soul that no shower can remove. Author Solease Barner, has written a fast paced, sexy modern fairy tale with one of the most seductive animals out there, Dragons.

Draken knows who his “Giver” is and only wants her for that role. When his animal sets his heart on this human woman, Draken will have to reveal his true identity, his family and his world. If he can just keep control of his animal, literally, when they’re together and not scare her away. A great read that will keep you up all night. Sexy, sweet, and satisfying.

Excited for Book II, Cora Blu- Author



I read all genres of books, and I would put this book up there with the best sellers I’ve read. Draken Draglon is AMAZING! Draken and Cess keep you turning pages for more. Top notch, Hot and Steamy!!!!

5.0 out of 5 stars Intense and entrancing, By D. B. Tan “bookworm”

This is the first book by Solease Barner I’ve read. All I can say is that this won’t be the last. The Sleeper is such an emotional and intense read that it has captivated my attention from start to finish. A word of advice, though, be sure to have the second book on hand before you start reading the Sleeper because it is a major cliffhanger. You will not want to delay reading book 2. That’s how entranced I am by these books! AWESOME!

5.0 out of 5 stars absolutely worth it, By Donna Kilroy
This review is from: Secrets of the Ghosts: Awakens (Kindle Edition)

This book was so worth the wait. It had made me want to go find Ava myself.. I cried through some parts, as I couldn’t believe things had happened. The only bad thing is I have to wait for book 3 to find out what happens, Holiday finds out about her powers and is learning more every day. She has to save her daughter. Reading the first 2 books in this series is such an amazing story. Makes you seem like part of Holiday’s family. It is sooo worth it to get this book and read it.. Absolutely Loved the book. Please hurry with 3rd book. :)(:



2 thoughts on “Reviews

  1. I love the book on Draken and had to buy Showkens book, cant wait for Layrens book.
    Have you ever thought of making Draken into a movie? I think it would be an awesome film…kick twilight in the butt lol

    • Terri I’m s glad you loved Draken 🙂 I’m always excited to know when people love him.
      I’m excited to hear what you think of Showken as well!, It would be awesome to make a movie
      with these Dragons 🙂

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