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    • Thank you Alicia for reading Draken, Showken is getting his last touches done and he will
      be ready to be released 🙂 Thanks for supporting and make sure to sign up for the newsletter
      There is always goodies in there!!


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  4. Hi, I just discovered this series. I’ve read Draken and Showken in just a couple of days. At the end of Showken’s story it said that Larken’s book was out last December. I now see that stuff happened preventing that. I really can’t wait for it to com out. It’s not even on amazon as a preorder. If it were, that would give me some relief to know that it’s actually coming very soon.

    • Hi Mary, I’m so happy you enjoyed Draken and Showken 🙂 I love to hear from readers!
      Layern will be released this month I’m currently coming up with a date 🙂 I hope that helps!


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